The Process:

The Titus Abraham Company was founded with a simple goal: create custom pieces for clients who place a high priority on quality and design. At a time when much seems to be mass produced, we provide the opportunity to own a unique piece that was designed and built specifically for you. 


It all begins with the design. We do our best to create a product that matches your vision, from the initial concept to the final detail. This often includes several in-person meetings as we work through the details. We hand draw most of our designs and blueprints. While this can be a bit time consuming, it helps us to become more immersed in the nuances of the project. We spend whatever time is needed to ensure the design matches your vision. 


The next step is sourcing the materials. Our location gives us access to an incredible wealth of raw materials. Most of the premium North American hardwoods we use are harvested right here in central PA. Our area's rich agricultural and industrial background means we also have access to a great selection of reclaimed materials. Whenever feasible, we invite our clients to participate in the selection of the materials for their project. 

We also work with local metal fabricators which allows us to design many of our own parts and features, further expanding the range of customization we are able to offer. 


After we have developed a design you love and selected the materials, we begin the process of bringing everything together. We take great pride in creating hand built pieces that will be enjoyed for many years and by many generations. We are influenced by heritage, but constantly seek out the best process for each situation.